Paddington (2015) (9.0/10) dir. Paul King

  • Paddington tells the story of a talking bear from Darkest Peru who must travel to England to find a home. 
  • Wow-such an amazingly touching movie, so cute, and so funny and sweet. It had me laughing so hard, the animation was incredible, and it almost made me cry a couple of times. Really can’t recommend this movie enough. Paddington is such a great character-a whirlwind of chaos.
  • The action sequences involving Nicole Kidman trying to stuff Paddington weren’t as interesting as the parts about Paddington trying to find a home and being accepted.
  • Ultimately, I was shocked by how freaking incredible this movie was. It has a nice message about how great it is to find a home and family and to be accepted.
  • 2022 8 28

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