Chad and JT Go Deep created by Tom Allen and John Parr

  • Season 1 (2022) (7.5/10)
    • Chad and JT Go Deep is a Netflix series about two Southern California bros who attempt to become activists.
    • The show is actually pretty funny at times. The absurd pranks rooted in the ignorance these two feign and the socal surfer bro culture these comedians mock is pretty on point.
    • The show is definitely best as Tik Tok or YouTube shorts but it’s entertaining to witness some deeper character development of these two characters. However, I almost wish there wasn’t this character development because it becomes abundantly clear how fictionalized all of this comedy is.
    • Ultimately, this show was entertaining but incredibly stupid. The bromance message is unoriginal but it’s kind of nice.
    • 2022 9 19

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