Barbarian (2022) (8.2/10) dir. Zach Cregger

  • Barbarian is a horror film about evil lurking inside of an Airbnb in Detroit.
  • The first scare in Barbarian is masterful. It might be one of the scariest moments I’ve seen in a while when we realize that the other Airbnb guest is not the bad guy, but rather there is something far more foreboding.
  • The subsequent scares do not compare to the initial one, which was absolutely bonkers. Additionally, the message is a little on the nose at the end.
  • There is a lot going on in this horror film, which was pretty cool. The film is about female safety, poverty in Detroit, and the Me Too movement. It was very interesting to see these topics investigated through the lens of a horror film-very Jordan Peele…
  • 2022 9 19

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